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Hannah Robinson's latest single, 'When I Was High' will elevate your heart and caress your soul.

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Hannah Robinson

Hannah Robinson is an indie rock artist from the North East music scene known for her immersive musical ballads that run deep into emotions and expressions. She has worked with several bands like Beach House, Warpaint, Mazzy Star, and more which paved the way for her solo project.

I recently discovered this amazing artist through her latest release, ' When I Was High', one of her best works yet that oozes exquisite musicality and profound lyricism. She beautifully conveys her story through mesmerizing vocals intertwined with heart-felt guitars and impactful drums. This is one of those tracks that will surely make you groove to it's rhythm. This track is bound to bolster your mood and lighten up your mind. Do give this track a go, this is a must hear for each and every rock lover out there.

Test the Melody here-



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