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The Unmatched Symphony of Lines of Symmetry by Good Time Locomotive

name of the artist/band
Good Time Locomotive

A rollercoaster ride of emotions awaits you with London-based new wave pop rock band 'Good Time Locomotive' (GTL)! A unique style of new wave pop-rock is a vehicle for the band's mission to help people overcome adversity and enjoy life again!

Infused with hep beats and happy-go-lucky music, Good Times Locomotive is here to save your day!

The track embodies the beautiful use of drums and multiple euphonious sounds. With their catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms, GTL's music is the perfect soundtrack for optimism and enjoyment. Formed during lockdown via Zoom, GTL combines the talents of experienced musicians and newcomers to create powerful, inspiring music. Their Canal Boat studio has produced two singles and an upcoming debut EP. GTL's main goal is to provide emotionally potent music with positive messages to help people enjoy life again. Their music is a perfect escape for anyone seeking a positive outlook on life. By listening to their music, you can experience a fresh new take on life and find your inner strength. GTL's music is sure to bring you joy and optimism.

Test the melody yourself down here -



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