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Gilded Glimmer: Unlocking 80s Glam with Hollywood Beyond's 'What's The Color of Money'

Step in the smacks and funks of Hollywood Beyond's brand new release 'What's The Color of Money'! Formed by the genius of Mark Rogers, this creative concept is the epitome of mixing retro into modern sound. Mark, the genius behind is an English creative whose made an impression on the masses since 1986, is known for being extremely charming and intellectual while being artistic. Hailing from a background of reggae and jazz, he has constantly evolved his sound over the years for the better. Let's experience the bedazzle of his brand-new sound!

Cover Art of Hollywood Beyond's 'What's The Color of Money'
Cover Art of Hollywood Beyond's 'What's The Color of Money'

A thought-provoking psychedelia that is full of deep suspicion, this nostalgic advent is simply a food for thought.

A track inspired by the signature sound of the 80s, this super groovy marvel is a notion to procure one's sanity. This fun-loving venture also sounds like a thrill ride, with poignant lyrics asking the simple question 'What's the color of money', telling you about how material-driven current society is, so much so that they would do anything for money. The artist thinks it's red, simply because of the bloodshed and massacre it has caused forever. Driven by extreme climax and adventure, this sounds like an extremely passionate and energy-driven listen that everyone should give a heart to.

Test this thought-provoking melody down below -

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