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Genre-Bending Brilliance: Manu Chevalier's 'I Belong to You' Takes Flight

Cover Art of Manu Chevalier's 'I Belong to You'
Cover Art of Manu Chevalier's 'I Belong to You'

Hailing from the vibrant city of Marseille, France, Manu Chevalier is a multifaceted musician, performer, songwriter, and producer. His eclectic musical repertoire encompasses Disco/Funk, Jazz/Bossanova, Reggae, Soul, and Pop. Manu has had the honour of learning from illustrious songwriters and producers such as Shelly Poole, Paul Statham, Morris Pleasure, and Jeff Franzel. Not only a wizard in studio production, Manu also dazzles as a live musician on saxophone and background vocals. Don't miss his partnership with Tamra Hayden on "Private Tourist" and his electrifying debut single "Get out on the Dance Floor" featuring BSKI, which dropped on August 16th.

Picture yourself enveloped in the nostalgic pulse of disco blended with the irresistible allure of jazz and shimmering rock – it's not just a song but a dream brought to life!

"I Belong to You" is a sonic journey that begins as an unassuming melody but gradually morphs into a radiant blend of rock and folk. This funk-infused fusion envelops genres like funk, rock, jazz, and pop within its captivating dance hook – an enthralling disco-club bop that everyone undoubtedly deserves. The song's infectious groove and captivating lyrics make it an instant classic that will be remembered for generations to come. The song is an upbeat anthem that will motivate and inspire you to dance and sing along.

Test this groovy melody down below -



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