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Future Funk Fantasia: The Disco Dynamo of Bodeba's 'Breath'!

Revolutionising the arenas of nu music and disco, the maestro Bodeba returns with yet another groovy beatscape, 'Breath'! Fresh out in the music industry, Matt depends fo Deriving inferences from Jungle, Nile Rodgers, Nile, Micheal Jackson and Dua Lipa to name a few, Bodeba explores genres of nu, nu music, house, disco, indie dance and many others. An icon in the making, please invite the dance-floor genius of Bodeba!

Cover Art of Bodeba's 'Breath'
Cover Art of Bodeba's 'Breath'

An explicit affair of disco and nu featuring the calming and serenading beats of the tropics, this isn't a track, this is an absolute wildfire!

Created solely to make sure that the listeners groove along to it, this track draws inspiration from the retrogrades of the 70s-90s and early 2000s. Abstract yet super funky, this is a track that people can not resist shaking a leg too! This would be an absolute blast for clubs, pubs, cafes or any gathering as its versatility knows no bounds! If the listeners are admirers of the gradients and the energies that Dua Lipa brings to the stage, they are bound to fall in love with Bodeba's artistry.

Test this funkadelic melody down below -

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