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From Boxing Ring to Sonic Stage: Franchón's 'Secret Place' Unveiled

Cover Art of Franchón's 'Secret Place'
Cover Art of Franchón's 'Secret Place'

Brimming with fearlessness, Franchón returns to her musical roots in her captivating new track, "Secret Place." Known as the Heavy Hitting Diva, she's the first and longest-reigning global female super middleweight boxing champion! At 17, Franchón appeared on American Idol and challenged Simon Cowell's claim that one can't excel at everything. Conquering the boxing sphere, she now aims to dominate music! Her debut single, "Secret Place" (2023), produced by C-Rod at Miami's Criteria Recording Studios showcases her powerful vocals in a catchy dance beat. Raised with diverse musical influences in Virginia, Franchón's versatility will be evident in her debut album releasing early 2024 on Patriark Records.

Tantalising echoes of romance infused with enthralling beat drops, this number has rightfully out-numbered many such pre-existing pieces of this time with the brink of atypical 90s-early 00s that it carries.

Discover the Enchanting Tunes of Franchón's Premier Single 'Secret Place': Prepare to embark on an enthralling musical voyage with Heavy Hitting Diva, Franchón, presenting her first single, 'Secret Place.' Fusing entrancing beats and boundless energy, this invigorating dance anthem highlights Franchón's impressive vocals for a memorable auditory delight. Partnering with renowned songwriter-producer C-Rod at the famous Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, 'Secret Place' crafts an elaborate fusion of rhythm and desire, teasing Franchón's upcoming album. Beyond her applauded boxing feats, 'Secret Place' reveals a fresh aspect of Franchón's exceptional skills, solidifying her rise as a pop music powerhouse. Delve into an alluring world of harmonies, beats, and emotions with Franchón's musical voyage. Plunge into 'Secret Place' now and unlock the gateway to her captivating sonic domain.

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