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Fortune's Folly: Folk Rock's Tale of Turmoil in DSP Band's 'Hand In My Pocket'

Back with their funkadelic yeehaws, The Down South Pepper Band, aka DSP Band returns to the music with their latest release,' Hand In My Pocket'! An outlaw country/American act hailing from Kvalsun, Norway, their tracks draw inference from the day-to-day happenings that the members personally witness, thereby commenting on actual persons and scenarios via their music. With their tracks on rotation on country radio stations worldwide, the band is placed in the top 40 singles and the 200 artists on the International Country Music Chart. A collaborative of creatives like Rune Nyby as vocalist, Per Øyvind Mathisen on the bass and electric guitar, Lars Rune Rebbestad on acoustic lead guitar and Eivind Kløverød on the drums, let's witness the onset of country adventure via their sound!

DSP Band
DSP Band

A fun adventourous venture mixing moments of blues, folk and country, this is too catchy and relatable of a melody to just listen once!

Deriving inspiration from actual instances from their life, this release seems to tell about the problems and issues that arise with money. 'Hand In My Pocket', a metaphor for theft or stealing, subtly signifies how unknowingly intoxicating some friends ought to be. With classic country rock funks in the song, and elements of suspense and surprise intermixed together to create this sonic bash, this is a beautifully twisted country track that will send a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners.

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