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For The Ages' new single Twilight Bay will shoot a call up your nerves, freeing you from concerns

For The Ages
For The Ages

'For The Ages' is a duo of two like-minded musicians, Tim and Alex, who proudly walk around with vast and distinct musical tastes to create what they truly believe in. Being heavily influenced by Eclectic musical pieces, they love combining selective moods to create a mesmerising array of experiences through their discography.

"The pure joy of transcending to a place better than where you currently are at this moment can be felt through the entirety of Twilight Bay, a song you might as well want to blast all night long."

With "Twilight Bay", the two musical freaks expand on the idea of this track being the house track of the year in the same way as 'Afro Boutique' being the favourite funk track of the summer. House music drives home the school of thought about becoming serious not always meaning the same thing as approaching the truth. 'For The Ages' definitely succeed at providing this atmosphere which blends into your's pretty swiftly as the song progresses. The electronic elements along with the way vocals have been approached makes this track all the more worthwhile to listen to.

If you are into funk music and don't mind a little touch of electronic elements within it from time to time, then you must surely give this track a chance.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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