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Feel the eternal rhythm with Moto Perpetuo’s Clave Surprise

Moto Perpetuo is an Italian/prog/rock band that was formed in 1996 with a mission to delve deep into Jazz/Fusion covers by Weather Report, Chick Cocea, Tribal Tech, Yellowjackets and then started brewing their music influenced by these. “Bad Are We” came out in 1998 as their first promotional live album. “Coast To Coast” (2008) was their second album. During the lockdown, the band produced six original home-recorded videos for their social media channel. Ever since then, the band has been unstoppable in the musical realm.

Clave Surprise resurrects the soul of jazz and modern-day blues. The song has a weird energy of mystery which makes it more enjoyeable to listen to.

“Clave Surprise” is a part of their album “Untitled” released on 13th November. The song is an amalgamation of all of the band’s influences. The song is reminiscent of the band’s nostalgic style. This track marks a return to the quartet fusion roots resulting in a more refined matrix. A sense of excitement runs through the song engaging your mind to the fullest.

Test the melody down here-

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