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Fading Flames: Witnessing Eclipsed Emotions with KC Star's 'Love songs about no one'

The legendary KC Star returns to the music scene with the enchanting allures of his brand new tune compilation 'Love songs about no one' and this would strike a chord with the listeners! As someone who launched his musical career by uploading covers on SoundCloud in 2017, the artist has over 150k listens today. Drawing inspiration from icons like Dua Lipa, Carly Rae Jepsen, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha to name a few, he aims to make the masses groove on the dance-pop anthems that existed back in the day. His artistry comprises electronic/synth music, alternative and rock. With more than seven EPs and countless amount of singles out in the world, let's witness KC Star conquer pop with this marvelous release!

KC Star
KC Star

Crusading through the poetic angst of not being able to find love, this artistic masterpiece feels like a ray of hope.

We begin this dreamy journey with the soul-stirring verses of 'almost loved'. This is a tale of KC getting his heart broken, and discussing how cumbersome it is to find love in this day and age when you're so used to getting your heart-broken. This love-struck symphony is very emotive and unhinged in depicting a plea the entire world shares right now. Then we proceed to swim into the pacifying waters of 'the lake'. This is about the whirlpool of uncertainty some in love might feel, where the recurring flashbacks from nostalgia blur their vision of choosing right or wrong. This is very hard-hitting, where KC is blaming himself and his decisions for getting into the current mental state.

Then we elope into the surreal escapes of 'in my dreams', where KC is seen predicting the downfall of his heart, questioning if the other person also thinks about him even a slight bit compared to the way they occupy his mind. 'apathy' evokes a sense of cold-heartedness for the person, where the artist is seen pushed into the shadows, trying to fathom if this cruel mindset is getting them anywhere in love.

The smooth-gliding piano undertones of 'wanted' make a cozy room full of empathy in your heart for the artist as he vents his mind. "I know everybody, but nobody knows me" with such poignant lyrics, this feels like a deprivation of feeling content with what you have. Lastly, 'Lonely Love Song' feels like an anthem for the hopeless romantics and the brokenhearted, which expresses the urge to feel love in your life. Expecting the worst beforehand so that it doesn't hurt later, this feels like a plead to modern-day romance standards. Overall, this feels like a cute album that will make your heart melt and is a must-listen!

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