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Ever Found A Song And Got So Hooked That It Plays In Your Head 24/7? That’s What "1 AM" Did To Me!

The Pink Dust teamed up in Miami in 2014. The band consists of Roy Mitchell (Cardenas, guitar, bass, synth, drums) and Cliff Littlefield (vocals, guitar, bass). Roy being an erstwhile member of Mutemath has collaborated with many artists like 21 Pilots, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Incubus and Alannis Morisette for songs and tours. The band is majorly influenced by the Beatles, The Cure, The Smiths and Mutemath. The band is an enthusiastic venture brimming with creative potential, promising much more amazing music in the future.

The Pink Dust

1 AM feels like a gentle caress to the soul, the companion that you crave during your 1 am conversations with yourself

Recorded in Corpus Christi, “1 AM” is crafted with intricacy by Roy. The song uncovers the deep secrets, desires, and reflections that proliferate under the veil of night. The easy-flowing melody and simple yet profound lyrics make you want to sit in tranquillity and introspect parts of your own hidden self. The song is your perfect companion for late-night musings when the world sleeps in silence but you sit with yourself contemplating what only the night brings out in you. The song feels like a warm pillow you hug tight at 1 AM!

Test the melody down here-

Find more tracks like this here-



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