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Ethereal Echos of Petra Jasmiina's 'Summer Dress'

Get ready to unleash the summery sight of a new-borne love with Petra Jasmiina's 'Summer Dress'. Hailing from the dreamlands of Finland, Petra is a singer/songwriter whose sense of musicality is charismatic and poetic. As a visionary who moved to NYC eight years ago, back when she was just 25, her music is a beautiful blend of acoustic, pop, electronica and vision-driven storytelling. As someone who's been writing songs in English despite her nationality being different, she seeks light from magnificent legends like Lana Del Rey, The Lorde and Taylor Swift to name a few. Petra is ready to take over the world with her authentic aura as she sways a tour of her full-length album in the prominent venues of New York City with her magical indie radiance. Experience the divinity of Petra Jasmiina's music in 'Summer Dress'!

Petra Jasmiina
Petra Jasmiina

A soulful love-infused serenade, this feels like a soothing yet warm layer of blanket on a cold night.

Originating from the rooftop of her NYC apartment, Petra's 'Summer Dress' is a relapsing notion about admiring the person who you're in love with, from the observation of minute details and making a note of the little things they do, to relishing each and every tiny moment you spent with them. Petera beautifully describes this as a surreal moment of fantasy set ablaze and brought to life, as she describes him as a 'wild child', and willing to caress and carefully fall in love with him, as he wraps his arms around her 'summer dress'. She delightfully uses the metaphor 'two young gods on the run from heaven' to describe the serene blissful state of mind she's caught in. If you're a fan of Lana Del Rey's 'Summertime Sadness ' or Taylor Swift's 'Wildest Dreams', you'd fall in love with the enchantress Petra. She's it. She's the moment.

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