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Elysian Elegy: The Spellbinding Tapestry of Nabil Muquit's 'The Only Way Out Is Up'

The musical magician Nabil Muquit returns to the music scene with his second tune compilation,' The Only Is Up'! A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, a musician, a performer and a recording artist hailing from Philadelphia, Nabil truly has multiple feathers in his hat! With his style roots in jazz and mastery in saxophone, his songwriting aims to create a seamless fusion of genres, resulting in melodic euphoria that escapes ordinary music, thereby purely catering to one's soul. Let's witness art's unique amalgamation as many talented artists like Cubbage, the Modern Swing Quartet and NuSpeak collaborate with Nabil to release this heavenly odessey!

Nabil Muquit
Nabil Muquit

Nabil's 'The Only Way Out Is Up' feels like a voyage through the delicacies of one's mind, diving into topics like existentialism to the vast mysteries of this universe and our existence. This is a work of art that'll make you contemplate.

We begin this exotic tune venture with the groovy synths of 'Pieces of A Dream'. This track seems to blend ethereal jazz elements into pacifying notions of lofi, creating a dreamscape that almost feels like an illusion. 'Zero Degrees', on the contrary, feels like a digital relapse, where the labyrinths of the fading hues of dreams seem to have a crippling effect on the minds of listeners, with those being almost addictive.

'Honor' on the contrary feels like a shapeshift to the album's aura where the track seems to flow into a distinct, immersive energy with its meditative vocals and swelling synths. The next track though, 'Unbreakable Faith', feels like a surrender of one's ideas and beliefs into point-blank nothingness, while instigating our free flow of thoughts.

'New Cycle' feels a fresh new revival of energy, sending a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners. 'Neo-Expressionist' makes you question mankind's existence through voids of silence. It is numbing, bleak and a track full of pauses.

Last but not least, 'P&P' is the longest yet the most awaited track from this album, with its length being five and a half minutes. A moment of revitalisation starts with relaxing waves from the tropics and beaches, this escalates into a string arrangement and finally commemorates into an end with an epic saxophone solo.

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