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Elion Melody's 'The Way That You Are' will low-key soothe your soul!

Elion Melody
Elion Melody

Get ready to embrace the soulful synths of Elion Melody's latest, 'The Way I Are'! A musical gift hailing from the mystical lands of NYC, Elion is rising quickly to popularity with his enchanting hooks and soulful verses. Within a span of a mere three years, he has captured hearts worldwide, gaining 2.5M+ listeners as well as four playlist placements on Spotify. Furthermore, his remarkable debut EP 'Dose of Oxytocin' which was released on September 9, 2022, features the fan-favourite 'Red Mercedes II.' Elion has also worked alongside musical maestros such as Eric Matthys, Padre Tóxico, Smoothsaylin, Motion Sickness, DILAN SKIES, and Two Eyes Open.

A stroke of musical genius in the form of R&B in 'The Way That You Are' makes it impossible to not vibe along to the groovy beats of the song.

'The Way I Are' carries you into a fantasy land by synchronising a perfect blend of genres. One can catch hints of soul, funk, pop, hip-hop, and jazz. It is characterized by groovy vocals and a laid-back attitude that progresses throughout the song. Soul-pop and R&B as a genre have shown tremendous growth, with artists such as Elion Melody remarkably supporting it. The Way That You Are is a heartfelt love ballad about embracing all forms of love. Hand-crafted specifically for his best friend's wedding, this feels like witnessing their love story first-hand.

Give the melody a try down here -



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