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Electrifying Energy: 'STIGMA ENIGMA' is a mirror held up to reality

Born and brought up in the city of Sydney, Australia, Clare Easdown has acquired quite some experience in the sonic world. Entering the musical world with classical cello training while growing up, she eventually got the opportunity to attend Newton High School of Performing Arts and self-learned music production to excel in her interest. Since then, Clare has crafted some truly poignant and soul-stirring melodies inspired by her challenging journey in the fight against mental health.

Clare Easdown
Clare Easdown
Eclectic and extraordinary: Clare Easdown's music is composed of fragments of various music styles including electronica, pop, and dark alternative music.

Thriving in the industry for eight years now, Clare Easdown is back with yet another evocative melody titled 'STIGMA ENIGMA', reflecting on the issues faced by people with mental health issues such as her. The track revolves around the discrimination and stigma that people with mental health issues have to go through daily. With a bewitching rhythm and powerful, moving lyrics, this creation is flawlessly sculpted into an ethereal melody.

Test this enchanting melody down here:

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