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Echoes of Pop Royalty: The Heartfelt Reverie of 'Built Me' by Josh Tepper

Josh Tepper
Josh Tepper

In a harmonious collaboration, vocalists Josh Tepper and Madisyn Shipman, recognized by her moniker "Madisyn," have unveiled their latest single, "Built Me." Reflecting on the intricacies of past relationships, Tepper candidly shares, "I penned 'Built Me' as a heartfelt tribute to connections that may not have been the healthiest, yet their absence was palpably felt." Tepper's artistic journey has been cultivated through prestigious institutions such as Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, where he honed his vocal prowess. He further enriched his musical acumen at NYU Tisch, graduating with a BA in cinema studies. This release marks another melodic chapter in the careers of these talented artists, inviting listeners to resonate with the sentiment of yearning for what once was.

A tapestry of emotive lyricism and nostalgic pop influences, capturing the bittersweet essence of love once cherished but now lost.

In a stirring blend of emotive lyricism and nostalgic pop beats, the talented duo of Josh Tepper and Madisyn Shipman have unveiled their latest single, "Built Me." Drawing inspiration from pop royalty like Hilary Duff, Justin Timberlake, and the early works of Britney Spears, the track resonates with the timeless sentiment of longing and introspection. Tepper shares, "Built Me is a deeply personal reflection, crafted as an ode to past relationships that, while perhaps not the healthiest, left an indelible mark on the heart." It's evident that Tepper and Madisyn's distinctive sound has been shaped by their reverence for these iconic artists. Their ability to weave a tapestry of relatable experiences with echoes of classic pop makes "Built Me" a poignant testament to the bittersweet feelings that accompany memories of love lost but never forgotten.

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