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Echoes of Absence: Soft Rock's Sonnet to Love's Eternal Flame with Juliana MacDowell's 'Big Old Yellow Moon'

Step into fresh sonic spheres of Juliana MacDowell's brand new release,' Big Old Yellow Moon'. As someone who's gone through a childhood full of traumatic experiences with the utmost bravery, Juliana was prompted by her parents to regain hindsight and seek consolation via music. Her artistry is a testament to all the rad and sad her life has made her see and draws influence from legends like James Taylor, Elton John, Sting and many more. Julia holds her great-grandfather, Otis Beall Kent in high regard as someone who planted the seeds of music in her life, and thereby gave her a brand new source of energy and talent to thrive and excel in. With many legendary appearances on stage and an endless list of gigs, let's dwell into the echoes of solace with her brand-new release!

Juliana MacDowell
Juliana MacDowell

Written as a tribute to the creative of the late Bil VornDick, this is a light-hearted melody that reminisces romance and nostalgia, while keeping the charm of the good old times.

Released in the spring of 2023, this captive tune is part of a compilation of mini-masterpieces that comprise diverse genres. Soft Rock venture with hints of country, 'Big Old Yellow Moon' is an ode to endless longing between two people who loved each other immensely, but now have nothing similar between them besides the fact that both of them will always be under a big old yellow moon, that is used as a metaphor for connectivity and remembrance. Meanwhile, the protagonist is blaming the moon for being a point of nostalgia for her where seeing the moon reminds her of him, she feels sorry for moving on and being over him. Offering a graceful pairing of 1940s-style lilting melodies with an island-inspired synth, this is a feel-good and fun-loving encounter that dives deep into the aftermath of a love that was supposed to last long, but that tragically ended due to unforeseeable and uncontrollable circumstances. It's almost tragic yet an attempt to heal from the past.

Test this reflective melody down below -

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