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Dylan Tauber's Enchanting Album "Sea people": A Serenade to Nature's Love

Dylan Tauber
Dylan Tauber

Dylan Tauber, a multi-talented electronic musician, cyberartist, photographer, and author, boasts a career spanning over 26 years. A graduate from Columbia University in 1996, he's been based in various global locations including NYC, Jerusalem, and Miami. Currently, as an Artist-in-Residence, he calls a kibbutz in northern Israel his home. Tauber began his journey in 1996 with the "Double Mirrors" anthology, an expansive project encompassing a book, soundtrack, and photo slide shows. A pioneer in digital music, he was amongst the first to offer free MP3 downloads in 1998. Through his music label, Son of Waves Studios, he's released 17 electronica albums, celebrated for their transcendental essence. These albums, a mix of electronic, vocal trance, and world music, echo his artistic philosophy. His network of 24 websites, which showcases his diverse artistry, has garnered over 5.5 million page views since its inception. His works artfully bridge nature, technology, and spirituality, with 12 vocalists collaborating on his musical ventures.

Dylan Tauber transports us to untouched paradises, where love and nature dance in harmony.

Dylan Tauber's latest album, "Sea People", is a soulful ode to the world's untouched beauty. The tracks resonate with deep affection for nature, particularly the mesmerizing allure of the ocean. Each melody feels like a gentle stroke of waves or the caress of island breezes, taking listeners on a journey through pristine lagoons and serene aquatic realms. Whether it's the passionate embrace of a lover or the ethereal touch of water on sun-kissed skin, Tauber's compositions evoke profound emotions. The album is more than just music; it's an experience that captures the purest essence of love in all its forms.

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