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Distance Diaries: Serenading Waves of Affection through Kinga Angelys's 'Home(Is Where My Honey Is)'

Kinga Angleys yet again melts our hearts with the release of her brand new single,' Home(Is Where My Honey Is)! A magical collaborative born out of pure soul and like-mindedness, the Canadian music artist Kinga Angleys alongside the open-hearted delivery of Joe Wilkinson, this track is a perfect voice for many people going through the haunting pain of long-distance relationships. As a rising pop revelation who currently resides in Germany, Kinga vouches to spread meaning through the stage and voice of power she has through music. A feel-good joyful moment of pop doesn't hurt somebody, and with her velvety voice escapes, her artistic sound is ethereal in its pure essence! Let's uncover the canvas of Kinga's sound through this latest single!

Kinga Angelys
Kinga Angelys

Gripping us with its nostalgically surreal storytelling, this reminds us that the emotions felt in love are eternal, thereby channelling a thrivingly positive image of a long-distance love story.

A track that sounds like a warm and comforting pillow to ears, this is an adorable narration of two people, immensely in love with each other, who seek each other's presence even when they're apart. A sense of mellow acoustics infuses the track with a lighter air of relief later in the track, this is a pure ode to pure love and adoration for the potential other. Reminiscing nostalgic moments of the times spent with each other, Kinga seems to cherish even the smallest moments, reminding us how being in love can be such an uplifting and reviving feeling, that no matter the distance the lovers carry each other in their hearts.

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