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Decrypting Jørg And Matthias Pfaller's 'Aeternom - Here I Stand'

Jørg and  Matthias Pfaller
Jørg and Matthias Pfaller

'Here I Stand' from the catalogue 'Aeternom' by Jørg and Matthias Pfaller enthrals its listeners with a unique melancholic experience! Influenced by Manowar, Iron Maiden, Helloween, and Avantasia, Matthias and Jørg formed the German band "Aeternom" 40 years ago. They created a Powermetal concept album and live show, "Fight for the Kingdom." After successful performances until 2007, they pursued solo careers. Jørg releases songs under "Mx-pro Records," while Matthias remains with "Mass" and participates in various live projects.

Jittering agony down the spine of its listeners, 'Here I Stand' is indeed a rock ballad like no other!

In a world saturated with Automation, 'Here I Stand', a part of the Catalog 'Aeternom', delivers classic power metal and well-crafted organic rock music, and thus aims to convey real emotions & craft a beat that not only feels good in studio but also on the live stage. It is a mission to create something timeless, something that will last and be remembered for generations. It is a tribute to the past but at the same time looks towards the future. Aeternom seeks to provide an alternative to the growing world of automation and artificiality with raw, organic emotion.

Test the melody down here -



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