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Dark Dystopia: Reimagining Joy Division's 'Twenty-Four Hours' in a Gothic Grit via DELPREzTON'S 'Twenty-Four Hours'

Dive into the grunge catastrophic of DELPREzTON's brand new sound,' Twenty-Four Hours'! Deeply immersed in the depth-infused realms of postpunk, darkwave and goth rock, DELPREzTON emerges as a creative musical vehicle of the highly creative Gilbert Morin, who hails from the soulful city of Montreal. With a heavy focus on grooves and guitars, especially on their base solos, he is marking a major territory for himself in the arena of grunge. With his debut EP, DEAD PARROT SKETCH comprising of a plethora of hard-hitting grunge bangers, let's immerse in the syncopated landscape of DELPREzTON's sound!


A bismal abyss of horror, goth and emo that turned gold with time have been rediscovered and proven to be diamonds in the ruff- is something you'll think after listening to this power take.

Taking us back to the retrogrades of the year 1980 when the infamous Joy Division released their emo rock revelation 'Twenty-Four Hours', this is a track that taps into notions of beautiful emo rock landscape with ease and makes the funks of the OG highlight to an extent above and beyond. The original track marked the revolution for the culture of emo rock, and provided a colluding vision of the disturbed life of Ian Curtis, shredding the ideas of life and death and putting them together with a heavy-strumming base and solid soul-stirring drums. It compiled agonising elements like quick fired-up drums, that followed a pattern of a build-up leading to horrifying thrash, thereby painting almost horrifying images and emptiness and misery. While the classic contributed to revolutionising the world of goth rock, this marks the lof-reverbed emo rock take on it, where we capture the fading of rhythm and quickly catch the pace of thunderous drum crashes. Fans of the classic, hear me out, you're gonna fall in love with this take!

Test this grunge ace down below -

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