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Country Pop & Beyond: Unmasking The Core Essence of Humanity with Dax's 'To Be A Man'

The musical extraordinaire, Dax returns yet again to move the hearts of this generation with his latest single,' To Be A Man'! Shot in Nashville alongside the super-talented Darius Rucker, this single is completely inspired by soul country music, and is so far one of the most memorable tracks under the belt of Dax's brilliance! Having legends like him existing in today's times we can proudly say that the music industry is in good hands! As someone whose mere presence has been a turning point in the scenes of rap and hip-hop, Dax is a 29-year-old rap artist who initially belongs from Wichia, United States. With his style being a brainchild of pure hip-pop and rap, he is ready to take over the world already! Dax is has man of many creatives, as he's not just a versatile musician but also an actor and producer. From his debut "2pac Reincarnation: As Told By Dax" on SoundCloud in 2017 to going on tours and being a king leading a royal fanbase, Dax has definitely moved mountains and all of this is just the start!

Dax & Darius Rucker
Dax & Darius Rucker

A breath-taking moment of self-actualisation and glancing through the unseens of mankind, this is a track that is surely bound to be echoed for generations to come.

A track about acknowledging one's raw emotions and pain, 'To Be A Man' isn't just a track, but the beginning of a legacy. Dax, the charismatic name many are inspired and moved by has yet again turned out to be the torchbearer for all of us, proving to be the perfect shoulder to cry on from time to time. This track also insinuates a deep-felt inexpressible pain that all of us experience one or the other. With on-point sensational lyricism and awe-inspiring moments like "It's not about how you feel but what you provide inside that home", 'To Be Human' feels like a fine stroke of a brush on a canvas, the canvas that is full of fears of existentialism, and primarily the fears of life. It discusses the inevitable maturing, about not living up to expectations, about not making it and hence faking it out to the world, about those unrecognized compromises that all of us make. A track about recognising all the unseen and the hazy clouds of confusion and misunderstanding that eventually clear, this is an ode to mankind and the similar gushes of pain all of the human race has gone through.

Test this heartfelt melody down below -



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