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Christmas in Lyrics: Sleighbells & Soulful Carols of Mick J Clark's 'Its Getting Near Christmas'!

Hyming for Christmas through the mistletoe with Mick J Clark as he gifts us yet another pure glee with his latest release,' It's Getting Near Christmas'! A man of many nights, Mick J Clark is a multi-talented maestro who can do it all-guitar, keyboard or drums. Deriving inferences from a plethora of musical genres, Mick has a vibrant artistry of 63 songs behind him and also is active on platforms like YouTube. Recorded in East Grinstead in Sussex, this is a highly anticipated release that will suffice for the moods of a holiday like no other!

Mick J Clark
Mick J Clark

Filling our emotional bags with profound joy, 'It's Getting Near Christmas' is that warm feeling of comfort that all of us around this time of the year!

A sweet yet exotic hint of the uprising of the glee season, Mick returns with the ultimate Christmas bash that we so dearly need! Starting with the sweet carol-like call to action for Christmas, this track uniquely sets imagery in the halos of a snowy, chill night, with streets decorated beautifully with lights on a perfectly crystal-like snowy night! It also talks about the man everyone sets eyes on, especially the young and beautiful. Christmas indeed is nothing but a plethora of positive radiance spreading across territories, uplifting and rejoicing one's spirit. Warm, cosy, well-lit and moments of surprise and fun interlinked with it, Christmas indeed is a colourful festival that all of us, even Mick himself, eagerly anticipates celebrating! Here to capture your hearts with its bright beams, this track is a must-listen for everyone.

Test this soulful melody down below -

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