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'Built Me': Glancing Back at Josh Tepper's Timeless Masterpiece

Josh presses the rewind button and takes us back to this debut single,' Built Me'! Recorded and produced in LA, Hosh especially flew to do this track. A complete contrast from his musicality right now, this track draws inferences from artists like Shawn Mendes, Justin Timberlake, Charlie Puth and Justin Beiber to name a few. Witness the musical revolution of the talent Josh Tepper via discovering his artistry further!

Josh Tepper
Josh Tepper

Gliding smoothly into the soft dreamscape of love and comfort, this track feels like a sultry slice of butter, tossing over the pan burning with a sense of reflection and gratitude.

Josh Tepper reimburses his initial musical facets upon us, taking us back to his debut 'Built Me', and we kid you not it's an adorable and vibrant take on the genre of bedroom pop! Taking a step back from the present, this track explores the nostalgic memoirs of Josh's past relationships, as it proves an ode to the acknowledgement of their life-altering moments despite the tormenting instances that caused the tie to break. It almost sends a rush of Deja vu, and the erotic tension that is between the parties, of basically how the actual process of parting ways happens way after the official breakup between them. 'Built Me' views past with a beaming confidence, assurance and outbound respect, of being grateful that he was directly faced with incidences with the latter and thanking her throughout the track for helping him 'build' him.

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