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Brother Ivan’s musical prowess Kindles National Pride in Ukraine with Glory to the Heroes

Brothers Ivan is a band consisting of Petro Ivanovich and Nick Ivanovich Sahaidachny, second-generation Ukrainian brothers. They are majorly a recording band but they have played local gigs in Indiana, California and Oregon. The band’s major influence is traditional Ukrainian folk music. Having a massive fanbase of 70,000 fans on Facebook, Brothers Ivan is committed to preserving the dynamic cultural and musical legacy of Ukraine while also maintaining a streak of their familial history and the deep ancestral connection with music. The band infuses ardour and music with a message. They use music as a vehicle for furthering social interests, particularly the message of a free and peaceful Ukraine.

Brother Ivan

Glory for the heroes energizes every molecule in the body unleashing a melodic sympathy that longs for a liberated and peaceful Ukraine

“Glory to the Heroes” is the 8th volume of Ukrainian folk music, a landmark in their spree of protecting their cultural heritage. The album consists of 17 tracks, all tied in a single string with the value of patriotism. The patriotic fervour of the songs in this album is a response to the war against Russian terrorism on 24th February 2022. The album pays homage to the martyrs and the war heroes through music and makes their sacrifice eternal. The tracks kindle a deep feeling of national pride and patriotism in the listeners.

This album was recorded and produced after Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. The desire for peace and freedom for Ukraine finds a clear resonance in this album through the vehicle of music. All the songs have a distinct energy associated with them such that they fill you with zeal from the very first note. The album, on the whole, creates a unique mesmeric musical experience that celebrates national pride with the head held high. 

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