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Bringing back the 80s era by infusing modern elements: "With You" By The Band, The Pulltops

The band members, consisting of the drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell, coming from different backgrounds never stopped their love for music. Hailing from Milwaukee, this band has captivated its audience with lyrically and melodically composed songs every time they release. This duo found common ground in pop music but as we speak, Mark usually leans on old country and soul music whereas Tom prefers sounds from experimental and underground scenes. Though their tastes were different their ideals matched and surely came up with yet another single with wonderful arrangements. The band, The Pulltops signifies partnership and belongingness with refined work on production of the tracks and mixing and mastering.

The Pulltops

Bringing back the retro-ness with a blend of beautiful guitar riffs and thunderous drums creating a euphoric, coherent listening experience with The Band's sixth single, "With You".

Recently discovered "With You" and I must say I was impressed. The band ranges from different music styles going from rock to blues and jazz to folk. "With You" speaks volumes through the vibrant 80s synth sound while including modern experimental elements to it.

The track goes by powerful guitar riffs and melodious drums while enthralling us with

their rock style. Resembling Hans Zimmer's vibe, this track satisfies our ears and fills us with excitement as to what a more compelling music duo will come with. Without a doubt, the track should receive attention, and listeners would want more of it once the song ends abruptly.

With emotional depth, this track brings back memories of that era and gives the song its drive and buzz while the voice soars.

This well-crafted heartfelt ballad not only gives homage to its inspiration but also intensifies the message of emotional weight. Resonating with the hearts of the listeners, this track "With You" has vocals having impactful efforts that leave a mark after you've heard it for the first time.

Test the tune down here-



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