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Blues Rock Renaissance: Gary Dranow's 'The Cry of War'

Gary Dranow
Gary Dranow

Redefining the arenas of blues rock, the epic Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions returns to the rock scenes with their newest release,’ Cry of War’! With blues and rock being their ultimate band definitives, the band aims to create a power-packing sonic experience with its signature sounds. With the release of the tracks as singles, the band is trying to signal the release of an EP that goes by the name, ‘Destiny Road’, which is set to be released later in 2023. The speculated album would feature the gifted talents of Jerry Manftedi on Bass, Jethro Defries on Drums, and Tommy Mars on Keyboard. Right from sprouting the seeds of its success in Southern California, they are now ready to entice their fellow listeners in Salt Lake City and Park City, U.T.! There are many more exciting surprises packed for the audience, so the band is truly raising the bar of its audience’s expectations! Stay tuned to learn more!

A power-rock meltdown that embodies shades of glory, power and thunderous confidence, this is a masterpiece in disguise.

‘Cry of War’ is an agony-infused masterpiece that circles around the themes of glory and seems to have a reminiscence of the initial stages of rock. A commemorative of high-paced electric guitar verses and thumping rock beats, this musical ensemble signals the beginning of a musical revolution, which is perhaps here to stay. Overall, this passes down a jolt of freshness, and sends down a rush of motive and commitment down the spine of its listeners!

Test this electrifying melody down below -

Gary Dranow
Gary Dranow

We also had the opportunity to interact with Gary and get a clearer picture of his artistic vision. Here's what he had to say:-

1. What inspired your latest single? Any interesting stories behind it?

Simply the cruel and terribly sad unprovoked attack by Putin on the peaceful Ukraine people. By writing this song I wanted to show the solidarity I and most Americans have with the Ukrainian people. The song hit its target getting immediately picked up by a Ukrainian Internet Rock station on a high rotation. The within a week the biggest FM radio station Radio Roks did a news piece on it and has promised to play the Ukrainian version of the song that will be out in about a month. Here’s the news piece: This all happened due to the stewardship of my agent and dear friend Roman Burda, who will be playing blues harp on the Ukrainian version,

2. What's the most memorable fan interaction you've had so far? Any heartwarming or funny moments to share?

Two things. When we were about to start a gig in Salt Lake City a man and his wife came up to the front of the stage and said that my Hussar Jacket and Texas Hatters Plateau hat was the coolest thing they ever seen, they stayed for all three sets and gave us a whooping tip! Next, I was doing a Hendrix Tribute set and a veteran from Vietnam, who was posted in Chu Lai, several years before I operated out of there, cam up to me after I had just finished All Along the Watchtower and told me I made his year, not day, his year. 😊

3. Gary, what inspired you to create such a unique blend of blues and rock 'n' roll?

First Eric Clapton in 1966 with Crossroads, it right after hearing that song that my Mom took me to Ernie Ball’s Guitars on Ventura Blvd and we walked out with my white over Sunburst Stratocaster, which I still have, and a Fender Vibro Champ Amp. Have sold the Amp for big bucks but still have and gig with the guitar.

4. What's your favourite track from your discography and why?

Axis, Bold as Love. To me it is the best song ever written and Jimi’s leads at the end of the song are supernatural. I play it at all my shows. I am also particularly fond of Manic Depression, which I close all my shows with because I relate to the song being a Bi-Polar 1.

5. With 'Destiny Road' on the horizon, what dreams and ambitions do you have for the future of Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions?

Actually the Destiny Road album came out on May 26, 2023, it’s done quite well, I have started releasing singles from my second album Never Give Up. Which is a double album with 26 songs on it that me and my partner Chris “Teramaze” Zoupa and I have finished all the writing and arranging, our drummer and sometime singer, Jason Jones, sung The Cry of War, he’s really good, is Mastering one song a month so the album won’t be coming out until late 2024 or early 2025. You can hear our new songs on This Is Gary Dranow Playlist on Spotify and our first three singles including The Cry of War are available wherever you buy your music, We appreciate the support!

6. Can you recount a specific moment or experience that ignited the fire behind your explosive blues rock sound?

As I mentioned it was 1966 when I heard Crossroads on the radio that it was a bolt of lightning hit me and I knew that’s what I was destined to do.

7. What's your favourite part about being a musician? Is it the creative process, performing live, or something else?

I love writing songs and performing equally. I can’t imagine my life without either one!

8. How do you maintain the intense energy during your performances, especially during those electrifying electric guitar verses?

I just get inspired by the sound of my guitar and I feed off the energy of my audiences. It’s inspiration. I lose myself in the music as well as feed off my band mates Bob and Andy or Chris and Jason.

9. We love hearing behind-the-scenes stories! Are there any memorable moments or challenges you faced while working on 'Destiny Road'?

I had a very vivid dream in 1996 and when I woke up the next morning, I was compelled to sit down with my Tascam 4 track recorder and wrote Destiny Road within a hour, music lyrics and all, exactly the way it was in the dream. What’s really wild is two years later, after we had recorded the whole album, on a whim I sold my house in El Segundo and in a weekend had bough my new house in “Those Emerald Hills Far Away” which turned out to be Park City, Utah, where I still and always will live until the day I die.

10. What do you hope people feel or take away from your music? Are there any specific emotions or messages you want to convey?

Every song has a story or message that I want people to relate to and even take emotional healing from. Take The Cry of War for instance. I want it to be a rallying cry for the Ukrainian people and especially the military. I want it to resonate with hope and determination. If my song does that, I will have done my job.



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