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Binoy’s BoysBoysBoys will enable you to Dance out your hesitations to step on the floor

With roots in Nairobi, Kenya, Binoy is a multifaceted artist: a singer/songwriter, jack of many instruments, and producer with his heart pumping passionately for cinematic pop music. His Nairobian upbringing opened his mind to many musical perspectives and cultures that often do not find space in Western music. He is influenced by music giants like Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac, and Mika whose influence has enabled him to make his music a vehicle to express the happenings and his true feelings as a queer person of colour. Binoy infuses his Indian roots with his East African to create a musical experience unique to him venturing into all the shades of the music spectrum from Indian-infused synth-pop to meditative alt-rock.

This song makes you dance, laugh, and feel the aural itch but beneath the surface lies anguish. BoysBoysBoys is truth wrapped in a disco-ball.

BoysBoysBoys is a commercial pop song that you can’t resist on the dance floor. But in actuality, the song is much more than its catchy beats and pop vibes. Co-produced by Binoy and Arthur Besna, this song is a homage to modern love and queer hookup culture. It portrays the duality that comes with newfound freedom: “the excitement of wanting and the ache of feeling wanted” (Binoy). Under the experimental dance-pop style and the fusion of Indian and African influences that make us groove on bhangra, dancehall and pop beats, BoysBoysBoys explores the existential angst of a queer person stuck in the complexities of the queer hookup culture. A true contemporary masterpiece!

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