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Bask in huggable warmth: 'Sunshine's Calling' is cozy and comfy

Tara Van
Tara Van

Splashing and sprinkling the art of sound with love since birth, Toronto-based forever singer-songwriter Tara Van continues to shower us with another enlivening track. Tara's vibrant, genre-defying creations take roots from her long-living love for folk, jazz, pop, and soul. "Big-hearted weirdo. Certified over-sharer. ADHD brain on the loose. Hopeful romantic. I'm finally letting you in.": Tara describes her carefree, happy self, telling us how proud and confident she is. Her life has always revolved around music.

The light at the end of a dark tunnel: 'Sunshine's Calling' shows you the path to take in the chaos of your life and guides you towards happiness.

Sometimes, we tend to forget just how much living is worth. Tara Van's latest release, 'Sunshine's Calling,' is a call out to anyone and everyone who's looking for a beam of hope. It is about the universal feeling of being pulled towards that warm ray of sunshine and the pleasurable "aha!' that follows. The joyous aura of the melody provides us with hope and happiness.

Take this joyous melody for a spin down here:

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