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Anomaly Aria: The Leftfield Opus of Mortal Prophet's 'Guitarworks'

Mortal Prophets returns to the masses with yet another laminating cadence of sound, with their latest tune compilation 'Guitarworks'. A moulded catalogue presented by the one and only John Beckmann, this project aims to turn spaces around us into moments of vibrant connectivity. A consummate artist hailing from New York City, he loves the visual bleeding of sound through every note and texture, concludingly creating this live wire that hums you with just enough electricity, tempering the threat of death with a well-deserved musical warmth.

John Beckmann
John Beckmann

'Guitarworks; is pure ethereal ombres of a guitar's sound captured within the radiance of tracks, making us elope into the unguided and auspicious destinations that one would want to reminisce.

We begin this extraordinary sound experience with the pacifying declamatory motions of 'Ascension'. A track that captures the voids behind a restless mind. 'Topanga Canyon', on the contrary, captures the ability to go above and beyond with one's curiosity streams. A rock revelation that captures shades of Americana, that slides across the deserted lands as if they were made of glass, trying to dwindle and twist our imaginative narratives completely.

'All Around Us' seems to be a distinct notion of variability that speaks through the silences of one's soul, as if trying to render the heart that is seal-packed deep within the human flesh. 'Constellations' tests the distorted hymns of the night, thereby aiding to relieve the orthography in the stars.

'Tripeditions' seems to unravel the essence of purity within one's soul, which is fresh, and vinyl and illuminates the surface with their good acts. Coming to a complete shift of moods, 'Martian Daydreams' feels like a treasure to this album's wonders, thereby fusing radio waves and linguistic impulses in a mellow motion, probably from the shackles of a rare and deeply dark place unknown to the common.

With tracks like 'Luminescent', 'Aurora' and 'Volk Folk', we preserve and observe the occasional presence of the higher voices that keep us earthbound, indicating things that are undeniably extraterrestrial, reminding us of our roots. Concluding this enlightening experience with 'Luminensce', we have finally concluded this vividly vibrant canvas of tapestries as a fluid one, that drastically changes forms with every passing stage.

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