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A Splash of Lo-Fi with Idle Moon's Album 'NOMAD'

Idle Moon
Idle Moon

Here to win hearts with their vibrations, presenting band Idle Moon's 'NOMAD'! Idle Moon, a four-piece instrumental band from British Columbia, delivers soulful grooves ranging from hard-hitting to melancholic. Drawing inspiration from The Meters, Mulatu Astatke, and Fela Kuti, they combine traditional and modern elements for a unique sound. Their live recordings feature Vancouver music scene veterans, including Pugs and Crows and Miami Device members. The album NOMAD, mastered by Philip Shaw Bova (Bahamas, Andy Shauf), is available on all music platforms.

As NOMAD weaves the listener through a soundscape that tells the story of Earth's birth and death, it is triumphant and definitive. The album is an emotional journey, expertly weaving together the sounds of nature and synthesized melodies. It is a unique and powerful experience that will stay with listeners long after the music has faded.

NOMAD's musical diversity reflects its theme, ranging from the gritty sounds of 'The Long Survival' to the melancholy rhythm of Floating in Plastic. The album explores themes of birth and death, including the planet's creation in 'Time Moves Forward' and life's extinction in 'Death of the Species.' Milne emphasizes that there was no intention to create a dark record; it just reflects humanity's direction. The album serves as a reminder of our responsibility as stewards of the planet. NOMAD also offers a chance to reflect on our journey as a species, and how we can create a better future.

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