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A Flavourful Delight of Beats and Cultural Rhythms in François Marius's 'Rasta Man'!

Let's unlock the mystical grooves of François Marius's 'Rasta Dance'! After unleashing his evocative single 'Ca Roule Rastaman' out into the world, François's genius comes back with this subliming choral harmony! Drawing Inspiration from the exquisite magic of legends like Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder, François is putting out an explicitly colourful collection of art that one has possibly never encountered before. The new release, 'Rasta Dance' (aka Starry Night) is a unique sonic echo of the creative pursuits of the man's might!

François Marius
François Marius

Partying elements of a sublime female choir and brass all intertwining into the character-defying cuica sound of Brazil, it couldn't get any more conceptually magestic than this!

A track that almost comes off as an intimidating Jamaican dance number, 'Rasta Dance' is one fine nostalgic experience of joy and splendid nostalgia! One listens to the track and will immediately teleport into a vibrant extravaganza loaded with a profound tropical essence and people coordinating dance moves. Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio in London, this is a power-packed musical venture with elements like ska and reggae, gliding smoothly into a whirlpool of 'raggamuffin' contours, that immediately gives an artistic energy culminating on the dance floor!

Test this groovy melody down below -

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